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Music Class



JSO is here for you, our community.  We present a high quality concert three times a year in the now whilst our education programme provides encouragement and opportunities for students to become our players of the future.  We cannot do this without your generous support.

You can make a Donation at any time.  Please email to discuss further. 


Another way of supporting the Orchestra is via our Adopt-A-Musician Scheme.  This is done on a concert by concert basis and is an excellent way of showing your appreciation of the many hours of practice put in by the musicians in order to bring you the wonderful sound of the JSO.  All musicians’ chairs are available for adoption.  You may know a player personally or you might have a love of a particular instrument which you yourself have played or which evokes special memories from the past.

You can adopt as an individual, a family, or anonymously if you prefer.  Your name will appear against that of your musician in the concert programme.  Each adoption entitles you to complimentary concert tickets as detailed below and a chance to chat with your chosen adoptee at the Orchestra party after the concert. 

Adoption fees per concert are as follows:

Conductor:                   £2,000 (8 complimentary tickets)

Leader:                        £1,000 (4 complimentary tickets)

Section principal:         £200    (2 complimentary tickets)

Rank and file chair:      £50      (1 complimentary ticket)

To express your interest in this scheme please complete the form HERE

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