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Media Release from the Jersey Symphony Orchestra 14th July 2021

It is with much regret that The Jersey Symphony Orchestra announces the cancellation   of its Summer Concert which was scheduled to be on August 14 at Les Quennevais School. The sudden high incidence of covid-19 has made the bringing together of our musicians to rehearse for a week before the performance too risky an undertaking. Everything was in place for the concert and the JSO wishes to thank all those who helped to get it to this point in very difficult circumstances. Alas, it was not meant to be but we will be aiming to present our Christmas Concert on Sunday December 19th at 8pm

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2021 AGM

The Annual General Meeting for 2021 has been postponed until as such time the Covid-19 restrictions permit it to be held.

Details will then be announced accordingly.

The financial accounts for the past year can be found here

The return to the Jersey Charity Commissioner can be found here

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The Jersey Symphony Orchestra Association invites individuals, families, local businesses and financial institutions to support the Orchestra’s activities.

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